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Search Engine Marketing

How to be number one on Google

Posted on 05 May 2014 in Online Marketing, PPC, SEO, Social | 0 comments

How to be number one on Google is a question that is frequently asked by many business owners. We all know that traffic coming from search results is one of the top sources of visitors for many business websites. And the higher you appear in search results for keywords that describe your business, the more […]

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How to increase website traffic?

Posted on 17 Apr 2014 in Email, Online Marketing, PPC, SEO, Social | 0 comments

If you own a business with an online presence, you may be wondering how to increase website traffic. Receiving a regularly increasing amount of high quality traffic to your website can have many benefits for you, such as: Increased sales. In a retail store, the higher the number of people who visit each day, the […]

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The Different Types of Search Engine Advertising

Posted on 07 Mar 2014 in Online Marketing, PPC, SEO | 0 comments

Online advertising uses the Internet to deliver a marketing message to consumers. Due to the nature of the Web, such messages can often be highly focused and precisely targeted. Search engine advertising is a form of online advertising that places ads on a webpage based on results from a search engine query. Search engine advertisements […]

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The Evolution of Online Marketing and How It Has Changed Over Time.

Posted on 09 Dec 2013 in Online Marketing | 1 comment

Identifying the birth of online marketing depends upon whom you ask and how you define the practice. Computer history buffs may say it started in the late 1970s, when people uploaded small classified ads or business newsletters to a local bulletin board system over a phone line and a 300-baud modem. Others, who equate online […]

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