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How To Maximise Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

Posted on 19 Dec 2013 in PPC

PPC Pay Per Click Optimsation

Pay Per Click advertising ads don’t usually come across as overly pushy as they are directly related to the topics that you are searching or viewing on websites. Because of this it’s one of the user-friendliest marketing strategies available on the web, many companies are using Pay Per Click advertising to bring in more visitors and customers to their sites. Business’s pay for the ad space, usually by bidding for it, and each time an ad is clicked a cost is incurred. Because of this, it’s important that a company does its research and uses what’s available to help them in order to make their ads succeed.


It may be tempting to just create an ad and throw it up on the web to start making money, but like anything else, a little thinking, planning and testing before dishing out money for online marketing goes a long way. Look for simple mistakes, such as typos or grammatical errors. Most importantly make sure the campaign is working. Always check your links twice as there would be nothing worse than paying to send someone to someone else’s website or to a 404. If an ad isn’t reaching it’s targeted audience, then its cost is just going to waste and it is not generating profit. Furthermore, if it’s not being clicked, then it’s not bringing in new customers to your site. One of the best ways to increase an ad’s efficiency is to use a group to test an ad’s effectiveness. jdpseo is a great place for helping you with your testing.

Use Appropriate Keywords

Keywords are the backbone of any PPC campaign. But using an exhausted keyword set or bidding on irrelevant words you won’t be attracting new business you will just be wasting your money. Because of this sometimes it is better to leave out some of the most common keywords your business is targeting. These keywords are appearing at a higher frequency on the SERPs so the cost per click can be a lot higher to your business. Because of this it can be a lot more beneficial to bid on long tailed keywords. This helps you out in two ways; firstly the cost per click in most cases will be lower so you will be able to get more people to your site using the same budget, secondly using longer tailed keywords will bring you more targeted purchase ready consumers, as some looking for “where to buy a car” is much more likely to buy a car from you than someone simply searching for “car”.

Try to be specific and relevant. As aforementioned, the ads generated on search results will most likely be related to what a customer is already searching for. To make an ad stand out, find keywords that are specific while unique. If people aren’t clicking ads, odds are they aren’t becoming customers.

While doing this, make sure the keywords are optimised for future expansion. Business is changing and advertisers should be a few steps ahead of the next trend and / or their competition. Have more keywords readily available is always a good thing for a campaign. If your keyword list is expanding healthily, then so is your business. It’s always good to have more keywords than needed, just as long as the keywords are all of good quality. This is where jdpseo can really help you out.


After all of the keyword research has been done, start customising the ads for specific audiences or search engines. Because search engines use different algorithms for producing results, what one user types in one search engine returns completely different results in another. Make sure these ad campaigns are customised for each. This shouldn’t be too difficult with an extensive list of keywords though.


Once this has been done, keep tabs on how ads are performing on each search engine/website. If one ad is being clicked a lot while another one is under-performing, start comparing them and see why. It could be a matter of one keyword, or just the engine it’s appearing on. Keeping meticulous records and constant supervision over this part of the process is important.

Most search engines provide tools that help businesses track their operations and analyse the data through it. Look for ones that provide click-through rates, GEO-targeting, comparison bid displays, conversion percentages, and position auto bidders. Use these to help analyse, measure, and check different campaigns, and compare keywords and landing pages results to understand which online marketing campaign works best.

Let jdpseo run you a fully optimised and constantly evolving PPC campaign. We track every lead that your budget is producing, be it a phone calls, online sales or enquires and make sure that you are only bidding on keywords that have the maximum chance of converting into profit for your business. We also offer you a state of the art dashboard that shows you real time data on exactly how your campaign is performing. You can even listen to the phone calls inside this dashboard which is prefect for staff training and tweaking how your business is engaging with customers.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and if so please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin. If you would like any more information on PPC please contact us here or call 022 6533 701 and we will be more than happy to go over the options with you.

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Mr. Jimmy is jdpseo's lead online marketing consultant. jdpseo is your one stop online marketing agency that offers you everything you need to succeed online, from web development and design, to a complete bespoke online marketing package. Find me on and Twitter
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Mr. Jimmy is jdpseo's lead online marketing consultant. jdpseo is your one stop online marketing agency that offers you everything you need to succeed online, from web development and design, to a complete bespoke online marketing package. Find me on and Twitter

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  1. Derek / December 19th, 2013 15:40

    Hey Jimmy! Great advice- Businesses who are using PPC cannot be afraid of changing.. If it isn’t converting into sales it isn’t working! thanks for sharing..


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