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How to be number one on Google

Posted on 05 May 2014 in Online Marketing, PPC, SEO, Social

how to be number one on google

How to be number one on Google is a question that is frequently asked by many business owners. We all know that traffic coming from search results is one of the top sources of visitors for many business websites. And the higher you appear in search results for keywords that describe your business, the more people will visit your website. After all, the majority of Google users will not look past the first page of search results when they run a query, so if your website is buried under dozens of search results from competitors, the amount of traffic you get from search engines will be greatly diminished.

Achieving the top position in search results for relevant keywords is thus seen as the main goal of business owners that use online marketing. However, doing so isn’t likely to be easy. Just how much time, effort and money you will need to spend to achieve a high ranking on Google will depend on a few factors, mainly the amount of competition that you have. If your business is in a highly competitive niche, which has thousands of websites that are all competing for the top position based on similar keywords, a lot of effort will be necessary on your part.

The good news is that there are solutions available for you. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, consists of managing various on-site and off-site factors that will make your site rank higher in search engine results. Therefore, if you’re asking yourself how to be number one on Google, another question that you would need to ask would be: how to do SEO properly?

There are a few tips that you can follow that will help your website become more respected by search engines. The number one advice that online marketing experts will give to webmasters is to produce high-quality, unique content that readers will love. You want your website to be recognised as an authority in its niche, so having something useful to show your readers will become a necessity. This can be done in various ways. You can add a section of your site where you give useful advice on how to use your products, details of how your services operate or some detailed background information on the products that you sell. It is also possible to add a blog to your site which will talk about issues that are related to your main niche. For example, if you run a computer repair shop, you could talk about technology news, provide reviews of various hardware and software products, and give some computer maintenance tips.

Another element that comes into play to determine your ranking in search results is the number of links from other online resources that point to your site. Google sees links to your site as a type of vote to determine which website is the most popular. However, not all links are created equal. Google gives more value to links that are coming from reputed websites, as well as other websites that are in a niche related to yours. There are several ways to get quality links pointing to your site. For example, you could share your content on social media, where it will in turn be shared by other users. Or, you could become a guest blogger on other blogs and include a link to your site in your posts.

Search engine optimisation is a process that takes time. While you can definitely improve your position in search results and possibly rise to the top, this is something that can take weeks or even months. If you want search traffic to come to your site faster, you can use PPC, or pay per click ads. With PPC, your text ad will be displayed on top of, or to the right of search results on Google. However, you will have to pay for every click that you receive.

If you need help to achieve a number one position on Google, an online marketing company like www.jdpeso.co.nz can help you. They employ search marketing professionals that know the latest search engine optimisation and pay per click marketing techniques that will give you the best possible returns on your Internet marketing budget.

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Mr. Jimmy is jdpseo's lead online marketing consultant. jdpseo is your one stop online marketing agency that offers you everything you need to succeed online, from web development and design, to a complete bespoke online marketing package. Find me on and Twitter
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Mr. Jimmy is jdpseo's lead online marketing consultant. jdpseo is your one stop online marketing agency that offers you everything you need to succeed online, from web development and design, to a complete bespoke online marketing package. Find me on and Twitter

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